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Abstract: Structure of an Angel
* Generally takes on the form of a young or mature man
* The structure is generally fit, if not somewhat scrawny, reason being is to not stand out or to be identified easily.
-The form is to be something that will not intimidate those they come in contact with (Humans) 
Wonderland, an odd world with the most strangest of creatures and beings known to the mind. The ruler of this beautiful land, this land of curiosity, of majestic life and wonder, heh hence the name “wonderland”. The ruler of this land is a cruel woman, or might I say young woman known as the Red Queen or also referred to as the Queen of hearts. (Her origin will be mentioned later but back to the story). Wonderland is plotted out as such, starting off with its entrance, the rabbit hole, and yes you may be questioning, “why a rabbit hole, they’re so tiny??” Has anyone been curious about what is beyond one of those things? As you fall down this odd little hole, you’ll start to see clocks, all different kinds, ticking and the walls are almost covered with them. The walls themselves are a dusty almost dirty red and once you finally land, you will land on a checked pattern floor, red and black to be exact.
Now be calm, nothing will jump out at you once you land, you just have to walk along the clock covered hallway, but before you do you’ll notice a little table, white but elegantly made, the legs remind you of thick vines, the table top, almost thin and mirror like. The chair is about the same except it almost looks normal. Ignore it, it’s nothing important. Again continue down the hall and you will find a door big enough to crawl through, crawl through it and you’ll find this very large room.
In this large room, you’ll see this large wooden and sky blue table with a brown chair to accompany it. The room in general has cobalt, dusty color to its walls and a black and white checkered floor. Climb up this table, and climb all the way to the top, you’ll find cookies and a bottle filled with lavender liquid. The cookies will have something written in icing on them saying “eat me”, on the bottle there will be a tag around the neck of the bottle, it will say “Drink me”. Both of these things have different effects, the drink will shrink you while the cookies will make you large and tall, even yourself out because at the end of this large room will be a small door, the size of a mouse hole like you would find in a house. During the process you will notice something run through the mouse sized door, a white rabbit, wearing a red tail coat, the little creature will be mumbling franticly  while looking at its pocket watch “oh she’ll have my head…I’m late I’m late!”

Once you even yourself out, go through the door, it will lead you to a forest beyond, a dark and eerie feel will crawl on your skin, it will feel as if someone or something is watching you, and at times you can spot those eyes you feel. These woods are called the Tugly woods, as written on the sign you notice before walking through, it has been said that the Jabberwocky lives in the woods, but has never been seen in years, so the woods are not as dangerous as they appear ;continue to walk through the woods as nothing will come at you. Now stop for a minute and look deeply into the dense and dark woods, you’re eye s will begin to notice a funny looking smile and a set of deep yellow cat eyes. Don’t try to rub your eyes, they aren’t playing any tricks on you, this will be your guide, the Cheshire cat. Never seen a cat smiles before? Oddly enough they do, but not as wide as this cat does.
He is a very strange and mysterious creature, always speaking in riddles and such. Guessing the riddles help but don’t think so hard on them, most of the answers are the most obvious. In this forest you shall encounter a funny looking home, almost a shape of a tea kettle, in front of the house; you will see a white dingy picket fence. Walk through the picket fence and music will begin to fill your ears, the melody will sound off to you, as if none of it makes sense, but the tone of it is catchy. In the center of that field in front of the house, a large table will hold so many goodies; tea cakes, cookies, biscuits, so many sweets as well. A man will be sitting at the head of it, he will be wearing a tattered tail coat, pure black but with discolored patches that did not match the tail coat at all, a hat upon his hat, also black and tattered with a lavender ribbon tied around the rim, it flows elegantly, he has marking on his face, one of the diamond on the left side of his face and the club on the right. He will ask if you would like to join him and his friends, a mouse and a hare, for tea, you can reject and his feelings will not be hurt, but he will smile and continue to have his tea party. Walk pass the table of goodies to the back, and you will enter the Tugly woods again, but this time you will see a garden of wild flowers, their petals almost formed faces. Voice will begin to flow out of them, calming, almost sweet, don’t be afraid for the roses and flowers are just saying hello.

Other creatures will appear, like butterflies shaped like bread with butter. Anyone would be amazed by this, now continue down the path with your fluffy little guide, as the hints he will give you help you down the road. With the help of your guide, you will end up in a large area with tall, enormous multi-colored mushrooms, on top of one of these mushrooms will be a fat caterpillar, smoke rings will come out of its mouth, and the caterpillar is smoking a pipe. He will ask you odd questions but not too odd, like “who are you” or “are you insane?” most of these question will offend you, but that is normal of him. The caterpillar has two assistances, two young boys with different colored shirts, one boy named Tweedle Dee and the other Tweedle Dum; they will lead you to your last destination, the Queen’s garden.

In the Queen’s garden, you will notice green hedges; the main hedge is shaped into a heart arch. All of the hedges will be covered with beautiful white roses, when you walk through the heart shape hedge, you will find a round court yard, continue walking and in front of the castle in the court yard you will find a tea table, sitting there will be a young woman sipping tea, the tea cup will be marked with a deep red heart, she is the Queen of hearts, the one ruling Wonderland. Around her, her guards, they seem to be cards, almost flimsy but sturdy, the full deck of cards. One word of warning before our story begins, never try to anger her, she will lead to your end,…*slice* off with your head…


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I'm a person who draws what they feel and always will especially if its a pain to draw..which is almost all the time ^ ^;;


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